tungsten carbide rolls

Vietnam composite roll after-sales technical support

The subsidiary steel mill of Vietnam Iron and Steel Group, located in Ho Chi Minh City, has an annual output of 150,000 tons enterprises, with continuous casting, rebar and wire production line.

LMM provided 4 sets of composite rolls for the steel mill, used for rolling 14/16mm rebar, used in finishing mill K1 and pre-finishing mill K2 rolling mill stand, and the customer sent us e-mail in 30th May, indicating the phenomenon of vertical cracking and block dropping happened on the rolls. Our company immediately decided to dispatch 2 engineers to the scene and help customers solve the problem.

At 17th June,it is very hot in Ho Chi Minh, but still does not stop the enthusiasm of our engineers, once arrived at the city,visit the site directly, to understand the mill layout,application feedback at site, problem investigation, data measurement and analysis and judgment, etc.

The on-site inspection does have some discrepancies with the data provided by the customer. After all, the customer is not professional enough on the product. The observation on the product is not enough. The product has transverse cracks and falling blocks, and there are different types of knife-shaped mouths on the surface.

In order to improve the site for customers and improve the production process, we have investigated and tested the customer’s cooling water , water pipes and related parts.

At noon, Vietnamese friends used authentic Vietnamese cuisine to express their love for us. At the same time, they also show us the richness of Vietnamese seafood and the colorful diversity of local customs.

In the afternoon, we convened a steel factory technician and opened a technical seminar to explain the problems and the reasons for the problems, as well as future solutions. During the free questioning period, the customer engineers asked a number of questions and got A satisfactory answer.A common improvement may be the theme of this seminar.

The technical visit was very successful, the problem was solved, and the use condition of our products was better improved,at the same time,the steel mill’s production process was improved, which indirectly improved production efficiency and contributed to the creation of a happy life for the Vietnamese people.

Congratulations that we took another step forward for the aim of “LMM Product,Global Choice”


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