The world's first endless rolling strip production line

The world’s first endless rolling strip production line

What is ESP endless rolling?

ESP Headless Strip Production Directly produces hot-rolled coil from molten steel with continuous slab continuous casting and rolling equipment in a continuous, uninterrupted production process. The entire production line is extremely compact, eliminating the need to repeat the operation of wearing the individual rolling stands The whole plant is only 180 meters. And all casting and rolling operations to conduct a comprehensive regulation. The unique design and factory configuration allows for full casting, as well as endless rolling of various high-quality strips

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The Arvedi ESP line, the world’s first headless strip line, was developed on the basis of Demarc’s ISP technology and includes numerous advanced technologies and systems, including liquid core reduction, dynamic roll gap widening and light Press and other technology. To ensure the best quality of internal casting.

2.ESP process layout

On the ArvediESP line, the hot-rolled coils are produced directly from a continuous casting mill through continuous production processes. The line will first cast a thin slab and then roll it into a 10 to 20 mm thick billet in a three-stand large reduction mill at the end of the caster followed by heating in an induction heater , And then through the 5-stand finishing mill rolling target thickness, the strip into the laminar cooling cooling. The headless continuous strip finally cuts the strip through a high-speed shears in front of the coiler and coils it into coils of up to 32 tons. Now let’s look at the configuration of the entire production line

2.1 CMM-caster

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1, Compared with the traditional thin slab thick slab thickness, you can get higher stand-alone output

2, the design pull rate reached 7.0m / min, to ensure high output and rough rolling into the reverse temperature field

3, the package turret equipped with the next slag test to reduce the steel slag tundish molten steel to improve the purity of molten steel

4, with a smart mold and expert system, with dynamic widening and breakout forecasting function, improve casting machine operating rate and production safety

5, equipped with a mold electromagnetic brake, improve the purity of molten steel, and an appropriate increase in speed

6, curved section with liquid core pressure function, optimize the mold flow field, improve the internal quality of slab

7, the fan section with light pressure function, reduce center loose and center segregation, improve the internal quality of slab

8, the secondary cooling has a dynamic water distribution function, real-time monitoring of the thermal history of the online casting billet, precise control of the billet temperature to meet the requirements of the subsequent rolling mill billet temperature

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2.2 HRM – Large reduction mill / roughing mill

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1, the reverse temperature distribution, the center temperature is relatively high, you can get better crown and wedge adjustment

2, compared with the use of traditional steel strip rolling more dense, get better material properties

3, under the pressure roller mill area reverse temperature distribution mode, due to the high temperature of the slab core and soft, save a lot of energy in the rolling process.

2.3  Tilting shear and push the waste roller

2.3.1  Tilting shear

Shear shear range of 10-110mm thickness; shear rate: the largest 0.5m / s; main features: dummy bar and the first blank taper cut (no rolling, head and tail wedge blank); semi-no Cutting head slab; finishing roll or finishing rolling and follow-up rack failure, for the mid plate and slab segmentation;

2.3.2  Push the waste roller

The main function: the dummy bar installation and off the assembly line; designed for fast off-line features, flexible production, to provide an effective buffer for downstream processes;

2.4  Drum shears and strip lifting devices

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The main function: Sampling function; In the semi-headless mode, when the billet speed exceeds the range of shearing shears, the intermediate billet is cut; during the stoppage of finishing and subsequent racks, the space between the shears and the drum shears is emptied Of the billet for the follow-up production of medium plate to provide space;

2.5 Induction heating furnace

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1, precise control of the finish rolling inlet temperature, provides the temperature basis for the thin specification rolling;

2, according to the final rolling temperature appropriate temperature closed-loop control to meet the needs of the finishing temperature;

3, Induction heating length of only 10m, less oxide scale production, reduce metal loss;

4, no load and maintenance of energy consumption, improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption;

2.6  Scattering box with pinch rollers

Descaling pressure: 40Mpa; Function: low flow, high pressure, can reduce the temperature of the intermediate billet; remove the surface of the strip of iron oxide; with a pinch roll before and after sealing water to reduce the surface water of the intermediate billet, while preventing water vapor into the induction heating furnace;

2.7 Finishing mill

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2.8 Laminar flow cooling

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Main functions: Laminar flow cooling device with high water tank, header with flow valve control, accurate control of header flow, precise control of strip cooling rate, effective control of strip mechanical properties; using different cooling strategies, the front cooling , Rear cooling, dual-phase steel cooling strategy; mechanical performance prediction model;

2.9 High-speed flying shear

The main function: Headless production mode, the thickness of 0.8-4mm strip sub-volume shear; high-speed flying shear before and after the device equipped with pinch roller, to ensure the strip during the cutting process of steel stability, while cutting and coiling Built before Zhang and finishing rolling and pinch roller Jian Zhang, to ensure the stability of the tension of the strip;

3.0  Coiler underground

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1, the head of the strip into the coiler, built Zhang strip coiling;

2, the pinch roller under the roller with a mobile design, used as a valve in the coiling, when idle as a transition roller use;

3, using four-roll system;

4, pressure control and step control;

5, in order to facilitate the stability of the head wearing a belt, equipped with pressure belt fan in the transition roller to prevent the strip head floating;

ESP endless rolling the main advantages of the production line

(1) Based on the concept of continuous casting and rolling, the principle of metallurgical transformation is adopted, and the process is the most compact.

(2) The new process line is equipped with new machines and new types of products are produced using the new layout (unique layout for the manufacture of thin gauge coils).

(3) less emissions, low energy consumption, environmental protection.

(4) Hot-rolled thin strip can be produced economically and efficiently, replacing many cold-rolled strip applications.

(5) Due to the short production line (180 m) and the continuous casting process linked directly to the tandem rolling process, large costs can be saved.

(6) It is possible to produce high-quality pots with uniform mechanical properties.

(7) fully integrated production equipment, integrated advanced technology package, to achieve a reliable operation of a full set of units to ensure product quality, high yield.

(8) The product portfolio includes all steels (including the steel of the required quality for exposed bodywork).

(9) Cost-effective production of rolled strip down to 0.2mm thick (after cold-rolled).

(10) integrated in the converter workshop.

(11) The capital expenditures required per ton of strip are limited.

(12) Conversion costs lower.

(13) high value-added products.

(14) The process is highly flexible and fast to market.

(15) equipment, considerable profits, fast return on investment.


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