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Fluid tield simulation

Equipped with slate-of-art water simulation and digital modeling lab for thermal devices used for steel making LMM GROUP can provide steel mills’ with lab simulation on fluid field, thermal filed and particle movement track,etc. of high. temperature devices such as. ladle, tundish and re-heating furnaces. Those simulation can provide scientific evidences to design better and long lasting refractory lining for ladle and tundish.

Comprehensive refractory design

The selection of refractories and zone lining concept are the important parts in comprehensive refractory management for high temperature devices.

Based on water imitation and modeling tests and enriched experience of our technical staff, LMM GROUP design and provide the mostly appropriate refractories and zone lining as per customers’ needs and working conditions of different zones in ladle ling so as to increase the service life of refractories.


Design and production of mould and installation tool

The design of moulds and necessary tools for refractory installation is also the important part for comprehensive refractory management.

The project and design team at LMM GROUP is composed of talent professionals from mould design,mechanical processing and thermal engineering. Together with refractory engineers, they can developunique equipment and tools for refractory installation and maintenance according to the needs on site.Those equipment and tools can ensure fluent. and effective installaion and also refractories, provided by LMM GROUP, to reach. the maximum performance. The mould, designed especially for the installtion of monolithic working lining and safety lining, is patented by LMM GROUP


Joint development for new produet

LMM GROUP has its own strong R&D center, which is in charge of new product, new process and technology development, project assessment, technical achievement verification, patent application and technical documentation.

R&D center has 400 technicians, which is one-third of the total employees. About 150 professionals in R&D center, accounted for 14.5% of total employees, focus on R&D, which is composed of 5 senior engineers of professorship, 18 senior engineers, 5 Ph.Ds and 30 M.Scs. The technical staff covers all the areas from refractory materials to mould design, mechanical processing, thermal engineering, metallurgy,quality inspection, etc. Team working of professionals from different fields ensures LMM GROUP the cap ability to develop new refractory products, design for industrial furnaces, mould design and manufacturing,refractory installation, material quality inspection and test and on-site technical support.