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LMM GROUP focus our services in steel making facilities involve in 4 categories:

  • A) EPCC projects

We provide services in Engineering , Procurement , Construction and Commissioning (EPCC) specialized in steel division, For Steel ,Making Plant depending on capacity and electricity condition, selection of induction Furnace (IF) and Eletric Arc Furnace(EAF) can be done ladle Furnace (LF) selection to enhance metallurgical refining process for quality and productive production and finally an appropriate sele of Continuous Casting Machine produces defect free billet and bloom will be incorporated for a complete steel making plant .

  • B) Auxiliary Plant
  • C) Individual machineries and equipment

Steel Plant :Induction Furnace (IF), Electric Arc Furnace(EAF), Ladle Furnace (lF), Continuous Casting machine(CCM).

Rolling Mill :Reheating Furnaces and walking beam reheating furnace, 3Hi Roughing Mill, 2Hi intermediate Mill, Horizontal and vertical rolling mills , start stop flying shear ,product shear ,cooling bed ,auto stacking and bundling machine . Roll lathe , rolls notching machine etc.

  • D) Component and Consumables