LMM Technology

Casting Equipments

We,LMM GROUP adopts the normal casting way,slot- based casting and large,medium and small horizontal centrifugal
casting method to produce rolls.where the large-sized vertical centrifugal machine is capable of producing the rolls of the maxi
mum specifications of φ1400X4600X9000.
The company mainly with the United States should 20T /30T double power inverter intermediate frequency electric stove
10T,5T.3T intermediate frequency electric stove,for a total of eight seat,60T LF 6OT VD
vacuum finer,V.c vacuum casting furnace each one,equipped with advanced
spraying and the sand casting equipment
LMMGROUP implement strictly the IS09001∶2008 and the
technology standards,and adopts the computer-aided control
technology to ensurethe consistency of technology control
of production process of rolls,the consistency and
stability of product quality and performance.

Thermal Treatment Equipments

LMM GROUP is equipped itself with 30 NC resistance-type high and low temperature heat treatment furnaces ,as well as the coating and quenching equipments , open -type differential temperature heat treatment furnaces and gas baking oven, ALL thermal treatment equipments adopt the computer-aided centralized control system to control consistent and proportional temperature of furnaces strictly and ensure the consistency of roll hardness

Processing Equipments

LMM GROUP provides the followings in its processing centre , i.e.:over 20 large-sized imported NC grinding machines , large-medium sized NC lathes and large-medium sized NC planer-type double-side milling machines,as well as over 100 dedicated lathes for various rolls of C61250,C61200,C61125,C84180,C84160,C8463,and c91250 and etc..
LMM GROUP is equippend itself with the high-precision dedicated cutting and processing equipments,where the trained processing skills and process control technologies meet various processing precision of various rolls fundam entally and satisfy with the rolling characteristics and technical requirements of various rolling machines

Test And Inspection Equipents

LMM GROUP estabilshes the perfect quality monitoring and inspection system , covering the full process from rawmaterials to the finished rolls. with the high-quality technicians and the advanced inspection and test equipments at home LMM GROUP adopts the way to collect information and process feedback through computer for full process . LMM GROUP is established the raw material analysis centre , quick analysis centre and physical test centre to control the processquality and performance of rolls and satisfy with all quality test and inspection demand of users on products .Furthermore LMM GROUP provides the modern advanced measures for performance and quality control and technical research anddevelopment of rolls .Where the quick analysis centre isequipped with the Leco CS230 carbon-sulfur analyzer made in USA,LecoTCH-600 hydrogen,oxygen and nitrogen analyzer made in USA , Q8 direct -reading spectrometer made by BrukerGermany and the OBOB GS1000 direct -reading spectrometer made in Germany and etc..Where the physical test centre is equipped with the universal material testers ,impact test machines ,Brinell & Rockwell hardness meter imported from England , MNV-2T metallurgical phase micrscope made by SHIMADZU Japan ,Laica DM2500M Front-view metallurgical phase microscope and DM6000M metallographic image analyzermade in Germany , thermal dilatometer made by SHIMADZU Japan,JSM-6150A scanningelectron microscope made in Japan ,KK USD12 ultrasonic flaw detector made in Germany and etc . Where the raw material analysis centre is equipped with the chemical analysis lad,molding sand tester,molding sand hardness meter,coating tester and etc,

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