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Stainless steel grounding rod

Stainless steel grounding rod

Stainless steel grounding rod is suitable bad environmental , such as power plant ,power transfer station , iron tower ,communication station ,airport,railway ,Petrochemical plant ,oil reservoir .The main performance is high strength and anti-corrosion performance and the material is SS 304 .

Good anti-corrosion, The material SS 304 is suitable for the strong acidalkali environmental and the life can be more than 30 years; Good mechanical performance: The material SS304 is hot endurance  and strong strength;
Shiny surface, Experienced workman make the rods with advanced machines ,and the surface is more shiny.
Simple installation,Simple installation both by machine and hand are ok,and the installation cost is very economical.

Suitable Scope:
Stainless steel grounding rod is used for earthing system of power plant, transformer station , tower ,communication station , airport, railway, subway station , high building ,computer room ,petro plant ,oil reservoir in the environmental of moist ,saline and alkaline ,acid and chemical corrosion medium environmental

Instruction of Use:
The installation of stainless steel grounding rod is very flexible , both hammer and electric pick are ok .In the bad soil condition ,please drill and then install .
1. When installing the rod deeply with hammer , please fit the drilling head to protect copper layer and connect multi grounding rod with coupler ;
2. When installing the rod deeply in rock or other hard soil area with drilling tool ,please refer to below choice:
Before installing rod ,please drill hole and then fill bentonite and water

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