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Rolling Mill-Brief Introduction of Short Stress Line Mill

Rolling Mill-Brief Introduction of Short Stress Line Mill

With the development of the iron and steel industry and the improvement of the quality requirements of steel users, the requirements of rolling mills for rolling mills are getting higher and higher. The short-stress-strength mill has the features of high rigidity, high product accuracy, light weight and simple operation, especially the “on-line quick-change mill” feature, making it the dominant model in domestic steel and wire rod mills. Short-stress line mills can be roughly divided into two types: rack and frame.

Short stress line mill working method:
The rolling force of the rolling mill is formed into a closed loop line through the internal stress of each force component such as the roller, the roller bearing, the box body, the copper nut, and the tie rod, ie the stress line. The rolling mill base and pressing mechanism are not affected by the rolling force and the stress line is shorter than the ordinary rolling mill, which increases the strength of the rolling mill and reduces the elastic deformation of the rolling mill. Therefore, it is called a “short-stress line mill”.
The structure of the short stress mill:
Short-stressed wire mill can be divided into four parts: pressing mechanism, box (roll assembly), tie rod and base.
Pressing mechanism: mainly through the worm gear, worm, gears, driving the lever to achieve the roller roll seam up and down synchronous adjustment. Both the operating side and the drive side can be adjusted simultaneously, or the connecting shaft can be disconnected for one-sided adjustment. The entire pressing mechanism can accurately adjust the roll gap remotely under the joint action of the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical appliances.
The above briefly introduced the composition and common problems of the short-stressed-wire mill. The level of control of the three issues by the mill’s pre-installation and maintenance personnel will directly affect the production process and product quality of the rolling line. Therefore, the mill is pre-installed and maintained in this respect. The focus of the work of the personnel is: to optimize the performance of the rolling mill and to improve the defects of the rolling mill.

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