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RH furnace refractory introduction

RH furnace refractory introduction

RH vacuum steel liquid circulation degassing method was jointly developed by Ruhr Steel Company and Hailas Company of Thyssen Company in Germany in 1956, and named RH vacuum degassing method, referred to as RH method.- RH furnace

(RH furnace)Vacuum cycle degassing is the principle of using air pump.  First, a vacuum is applied to the vacuum chamber, and molten steel is sucked from the immersion tube into the vacuum chamber, and then the side wall of the riser tube is blown with argon gas into the molten steel. These argon gas rapidly expands under the action of the high temperature of the molten steel and the upper part of the vacuum chamber, causing the density of the mixture of molten steel and gas to continuously decrease along the height direction of the dip tube, and under the effect of the pressure difference caused by the density difference, The molten steel enters the vacuum chamber. The mixture of molten steel and gas entering the vacuum chamber releases gas under the action of a high vacuum, and at the same time, the molten steel becomes a steel water bead. The gas to be removed in the steel bead is released into the vacuum under the action of high vacuum, and the steel bead becomes a smaller steel bead, thereby achieving a very good degassing effect. The molten steel that has released the gas returns to the ladle along the downcomer. The molten steel is degassed by circulating vacuum, and the gas such as hydrogen in the molten steel can be removed, and the inclusions are removed.

The current RH vacuum refining furnace(RH furnace) has the functions of blowing oxygen, decarburizing, desuperheating, desulfurization, degassing, non-metallic inclusions, controlling the composition of molten steel, and facilitating the homogenization of the alloy. The quality of steel is guaranteed, and many kinds of clean steel can be refined; therefore, in recent years, the development and promotion of RH refining furnace has been extremely rapid, and it has become a popular method for many steel companies to refine high-quality ultra-low carbon steel and other steel grades. There are currently more than 200 RH refining furnaces(RH furnace)in the world.

RH refining equipment mainly consists of the following parts: vacuum chamber, dip tube (rising tube, down tube), vacuum degassing device (vacuum exhaust pipe), alloy feeding device, argon blowing device for molten steel circulation, ladle and ladle Lifting device, vacuum chamber preheating device. During operation, the vacuum chamber with two dip tubes is inserted into the molten steel of the ladle, and one tube is fed with argon gas to circulate the molten steel by means of air pressure, thereby degassing, decarburizing, deoxidizing and adjusting the composition of the molten steel. purpose.

 RH boiler - RH furnace refractory introduction

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