Remote control sholcrete technology for furnace lining repair



  • RGP-M1 shotcrete castable, used for upper, middle and lower stack of furnace
  • RGP -A1 shotcrete castable, used for bosh, belly and lower stack of furnace


  • Compared with conventional dry gunning, shotcrele technology need less water, dry readymix and wäter were well-mixed into self flowing castable
  • The shotcrete castable is inspected by test center of Metallurgical Industy Engineering Quality Supervision Station, relevant indexes reach the requirements of blast furnace usë
  • The actual application shows no dust during shotcreting, and. rebound is around 5%, the. structure and performance of materials don’ t degrade
  • Critical particle sizes of castable can be greater than 8 mm, to enhance the abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance to slag iron
  • The porosity of the material is low, which can effectively improve the erosion resistance and abrasion resistance properties Prevent TRT operation problem properly because of no fiber dust disturbance, comparing with conventional spray

The above advantages solve the low life problem of conventional dry gunning and enable the lining life may reach more than 18 months after shotcreting.