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Refractory wear resistance depends on the composition and structure of the material

Refractory materials are widely used as the most suitable materials for high temperature resistance, among which the largest amount is used in the metallurgical industry. In addition, it also involves the application of chemical industry, petroleum, machinery manufacturing, silicate, power and other industrial fields, and the development of these fields. Provides the conditions for becoming an irreplaceable material in high-temperature industries.

It is well-known that in many cases, the damage caused by the mechanical abrasion of the surface of the refractory material is often severe and it is often the direct cause of the loss of the refractory material from its working surface. Sometimes, it is more harmful than chemical erosion, or it is a hazard caused by chemical attack. It is often exacerbated by mechanical action. Therefore, the used refractory material needs high wear resistance to avoid or even reduce its wear and tear affect the use.

When using refractories in various fields, we must make reasonable choices and choose the right one according to the external conditions used so as to reduce the degree of wear of the refractories and increase their use rate.

Refractory wear resistance depends on the composition and structure of the material. When the material is a dense polycrystalline body composed of a single crystal, its wear resistance mainly depends on the hardness of the mineral crystals constituting the material. High hardness, high material wear resistance. When the mineral crystals are non-isotropic, the grains are fine and the wear resistance of the material is high. When the material is composed of multiple phases, its wear resistance is also directly related to the bulk density or porosity of the material, and it is also related to the bond strength of each component. Therefore, at a normal temperature, for a certain type of refractory material, the wear resistance is directly proportional to its compressive strength, and a good sintered product has good wear resistance. In addition, the wear resistance of refractories is related to the temperature. Therefore, the temperature of the refractories must be properly controlled to reduce the degree of wear.


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