RCN gunning castable

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Applications :

  • CN 120 castables, RCN- 120G gunning The lower part of blast furnace bottom, thermal insulation for the bottom of the blast stove regenerator . Filling materials in steel brick space, filing materials on iron ring upper of dust gas exít
  • RCN130 castables, RCN 130G gunning Furnace body iron inside above ,urnace belly, around the main reinforcement plate of filling brick Hot blast stove regenerator, combustor, inside of straight piece iron RCN-140 castables, RCN- 140G gunning Inside of mixing chamber iron
  • RCN- 140G gunning Inside of mixing chamber iron Outlet pipe of hot-blast air, hot pipes, branch pipes and bustle pipes

Properties :

  • High strength, high refractoriness, good thermal insulation properties
  • Small coefficient of thermal conductivity, excellent heat insulation effect
  • Excellent guning performance, low rate of rebound waste