RCL lightweight gunning & castable.


Applications :
  • RCL-8O lightweight castables, RCL- 100 lightweight castables used as heat insulation and preservation at 1000C and 1100C respectively
  • RCL-120 lightweight castable, RCL- 120G lightweight guning used for coke oven, side wall and bottom cover of cold rolled annealing furnace, the thermal insulation layer of head cover of cement kiln
  • RCL-130 lightweight castable, 130G lightweight guning used for blast furnace, hot air pipes, branch pipes and pipes of blast stove The inside insulating layer stick to the shell of hot air pipeline, thermal insulation behind cooling staves

Properties :

  • Good high temperature performance
  • Low thermal conductivity performs excellent insulation
  • Excellent guning coating performance, low ratio of rebound waste