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Precautions during construction of refractory castables and improve service life

1.)检查锚的类型,尺寸,布置和焊接质量。必须补偿金属锚的膨胀; 锚固件通常由浇注料或承重件的铸造厚度决定,锚固件的厚度约为12mm。适当地,14-16mm超过300mm,锚的长度比浇注料低30-50mm,锚的密度约为200-250mm,锚的头部应涂有沥青或胶带。为了保留膨胀系数,厚度通常为2-3mm。(2)浇注前检查耐火浇注料的包装和生产日期,并进行初步检验,检查其是否无效。(3)检查施工用水,水质必须达到饮用水水质。


  1. 耐火浇注结构的模板可以由钢或硬木制成。模板应具有足够的强度,良好的刚性,无形状,无位移,无泄漏。钢模板应涂上脱模剂,木模板应涂上防水涂料。在绘画之前应该清洁可重复使用的模板。


  1. 加入浇注料的水量应严格按照使用说明书进行控制,且不得超过限值。在保证施工性能的前提下,水量应越来越少。通常,加入的水量不超​​过7%。根据当时的天气,环境温度可以放宽至最高9%。在加入水之前将浇注料与水混合2分钟,然后加入80%的水用于搅拌。然后,根据干燥程度和湿度,缓慢加入剩余的水以继续搅拌直至获得合适的工作稠度。在混合不同的浇注料之前,应先清洗混合器。


  1. 耐火浇注料必须用于整袋。搅拌的浇注料通常在30分钟内用完。在高温干燥的工作环境中,有必要缩短这个时间。最初冷凝或甚至凝聚的浇注料不得倒入模框中,不得与水混合。


  1. The refractory castable poured into the mold frame should be layered and shattered immediately with a vibrating rod. The height of each layer should be no more than 300mm.The vibration spacing is preferably about 250mm. Try to avoid touching the anchor when shaking, and do not shock or tremble in the same position. After seeing the surface of the castable material, the vibrating rod should be slowly extracted after the slurry is returned to avoid segregation and voiding in the castable layer. After the pouring is completed, the cast body can no longer be pressed and shocked before solidification.


  1. When expanding large area, reserve expansion joints, generally more than 1.5m2, need to leave expansion joints. The corresponding expansion distance is about 1 m. The expansion joints should be left at the spacing of the anchors. The material is generally made of fire-resistant cotton or plywood.


  1. After the surface of the castable is dry, immediately cover the exposed part of the air with a plastic film or a straw bag. After the initial condensation arrives, it should be regularly sprinkled and maintained to keep the surface moist. After the castable is hardened, it can be demoulded after 16 hours, and the strength of the load-bearing part can be demolished after 24 hours.



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