Airport Ground Support Equipment

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Catering Vehicle

Application:It have a wide range of use.It can be used both for the A380 aircraft cabin doors height are not less than 2.9m.


Dual mode of operation.Switch located in the driver’s cabin,you can select the 380 aircraft working mode and non A 380 aircraft operating mode.So the operation is simple.

Passenger step


Complying with the related technical standards of CAAC and IATA International Air Transport

Choosing the import autombile chassis,auto transmission

Wide stair body and small gradient;low step and wide tread,comfortable for people to walk on

Tread made of special aluminum alloy section bar,with high rigidity and good anti-slippery performance

The snake bulk freight loader


The snake bulk freight loader is an ingenious aircraft baggage loading system which enables baggage to be loaded or unloaded in a safe,efficient and expedient manner with the operator in control from within the hold.