Plate series

Fired alumina carbon and alumina zirconia carbon plates series

To plate-like corundum, fused corundum, zirconium corundum, zirconium mullite as the main raw material, by adding the right amount of metal micro, fine powder by high temperature reaction to improve the performance of skateboard performance, adding appropriate amount of boron carbide and other micro-particles improve the oxidation resistance , With high solid content, high residue of phenolic resin binder. After molding using advanced heat treatment process, and after dipping, baking, made of high performance skateboard.
With the advantages of stable volume, corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance, it is generally used for ladle sliders and converter slag skateboards with a tonnage of over 180 tons.

Metal-bonded plates series

The use of plate-shaped corundum, aluminum metal, silicon carbide as the main raw material, add appropriate amount of boron carbide powder and other anti-oxidation properties, according to user needs, the choice of solid content, high residual carbon, good oxidation resistance of silicon modified resin Or phenolic resin as a binder, after molding according to the requirements, respectively, not burning, nitriding, low temperature firing process.
It has the advantages of high bulk density, low porosity, high thermal strength, good thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance, and good oxidation resistance. Due to the short production cycle, energy saving, environmental protection, the scope of application is more extensive.

Basic plates series

The use of plate-shaped corundum, fused magnesia, fused spinel and other major raw materials, according to the conditions of use by adding the right amount of different additives to improve the high-temperature anti-scouring skateboard performance, phenolic resin as a binder. After molding, different formulations using different high temperature or firing process.
After the skateboard by dipping, baking treatment, with a small porosity, bulk density and high strength characteristics. Suitable for casting calcium-treated steel, high-oxygen steel, clean steel and other special steel production needs.