Other machine vision products

Because visual inspection is the indispensable link and development direction of industrial
vision technology, it is urgent to replace manual vision using automatic industrial vision during
high-speed and large-capacity production. The products in the aspects of quality inspection,
target or location recognition, dimension detection and robot vision have been used to monitor as necessary means
in monitoring or closed-loop control.
1. Inspection system of surface defects on panels and band steels
Panel and band steel image recognition system includes image capture, image recognition, defect detection, etc.
When system detects panels and band steels, it will trigger image capture device and capture the surface images of
panels and band steels; it sends the image to the segment of character and image recognition; finally, the panels,
band steel defects and serial number will be recognized through certain technology.
2. Automatic tracking system of weld joints
During the production process of straight slits or helical weld pipes, the system can automatically track and correct, in
order to guarantee the welding quality.

3. Online vision measurement
The system is used to measure the length and diameter online in long distance. The length error is less than 2mm. The
diameter error is less than 1/1000 of steel pipe diameter. Detect the appearance of connectors; measure the
workpiece in certain shapes online; reject scrap products.
4. People counting system
Video people counting technology is a kind of application function developed from intelligent video analysis
technology. With advanced intelligent video analysis algorithm, the system detects the shape of living body (head and
shoulder) through video frame analysis, analyzes the number of incoming and outgoing people in set area, in order to
count and record the number of people.
5. Intelligent visual behavior recognition and face recognition technology
Intelligent visual behavior recognition technology refers to the technology improving monitoring effectiveness
through visual analysis and automatic monitoring on video rain image.
Through intelligent vision monitoring, the monitors can be relieved from the
simple and elementary labor of “staring at screen for 24 hours”. Face
recognition technology refers to the technology recognizing identity through
face features. The core algorithm is in world leading level, whose recognition
accuracy rate reaches 99.99%; the system makes face recognition technology
widely used in the fields of identity recognition and verification, production
and life.