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Inner Mongolia: New graphite electrode clusters

Inner Mongolia: New graphite electrode clusters

In 2017, the graphite electrode market, which has been quiet for many years, finally ushered in the “spring blossoms”. From the end of April of 17 years, the price of graphite electrode began to soar, taking ultra-high-power graphite electrode as an example, from 21,000 yuan / ton, directly rose to 200,000 yuan / ton, until September to stop.


The location of the competition for the capital was chosen in Inner Mongolia.  According to statistics, 15 enterprises in Inner Mongolia have invested in graphite electrodes, anode materials and graphitization. According to the project declaration statistics, graphite electrode planning is 330,000 tons, lithium battery anode material is 218,000 tons, and graphitization is foundry. 16.2 million tons.


The data shows that the total output of graphite electrodes in China in 2017 is about 552,000 tons. If 330,000 tons of graphite electrodes are put into operation in Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia will form an important graphite electrode production area in China, and the industrial cluster effect will be formed.


In terms of cost, electricity costs account for a large proportion of the production cost of graphite electrodes. Inner Mongolia has implemented power multilateral trading and transmission and distribution price reforms, as well as direct transactions by large users, which directly promoted the significant reduction in the cost of electricity for enterprises. In Inner Mongolia, seven emerging industries such as graphite electrodes, silicon carbide series and rare earth terminal applications have been listed on the infinite price for trading, and the transaction price has been greatly reduced, attracting these industries to transfer to Inner Mongolia. In terms of policies, Inner Mongolia has favorable conditions for attracting investment projects and gives strong support in taxation and special funds. In addition, the implementation of various environmental protection policies allows related companies to deliberately avoid heavy pressure zones when selecting project investments.


In addition, Inner Mongolia is close to the economic core area and downstream application market in terms of regional location relative to other regions. Based on the above factors, Inner Mongolia has become an ideal area for graphite electrode companies to choose to put into production.


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