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Carbon-free refractories for ladle working lining

Carbon-free refractories are high quality, environmental friendly and energy-saving materials developed as ladle working lining for low-carbon and ultra-low carbon steel production. Those refractories are characterized with high strength, high erosion resistance, high corrosion and penetration resistance and long service life. As the matrix is composed of calcium aluminate cement, superfine powder and in-organic additives, there is no generation of toxic gases in pre-firing and in service, which is environmentally friendly and at same time free of H pick up in molten steel. As there is no carbon materials in the product, c pickup by molten steel is eliminated and the decrease of molten steel temperature is less due to better thermal insulation given by low thermal conductivity, which is helpful for energy saving.

There are three types of carbon-free refractory products for ladle working lining from LMMGROUP

  1. Castable: Casting, curing, drying and pre-firing are done on site of steel mill. The lining is joint-free with longer service life.
  2. Pre-cast shape: Casting, curing, drying and pre-fring are done on the site of LMM. In comparison with castable, it does not require infrastructure for on-site casting and can shorten installation process for high ladle utilization.
  3. Carbon-free brick: The bricks are pressed, cured and pre. fired before delivered to steel mill for on-site brick installation.
  4. Spraying Mxc: caron-free and environment.-protected wet spraying technique is adopted to realize the cycle use of ladle ling materials,a with characteristic that long life time, Iow cost, safety use, and environment protection

Castables for working lining

This series of products is made from high purity corundum, magnesium aluminate spinel and fused MgO as main aggregates, superfine powder bonding technology and appropriate additives. Products are featured with good placement properties, high strength, better volume stability, better corrosion and abrasion resistance and thermal shock resistance and designed for bottom land sidewall lining of large- and medium-size ladles together with MgO-C brick for slag zone. It can also be used in slag zone of small-size ladle. In case of re-lining technique is applied, the life of ladle lining can be further prolonged and refractory consumption per ton steel produced can be further reduced, which is proven to be an effective way for low specific refractory consumption and resource saving.

The products have been used in large- and medium-size ladles such as 300mt ladle at Bao Steel, 180mt ladle at Anshan Steel and small-size ladles such as 100mt ladle at Handan Steel, 100mt ladle at Tangshan Steel, 45mt ladle at Jinan Steel with high appreciation due to high performance.