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Application of Corundum in Refractory

The characteristics of corundum for refractories mainly include these features: 1. High strength and wear resistance; 2. Erosion and infiltration of acid-resistant slag: The main crystal phase of all types of corundum is a-Al2O3, which has good resistance to acid slag erosion and penetration. The sl...
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Static Casting of Cast Roll

The shell and core are the monobloc material in static cast rolls. By the control of techniques of cooling speed and heat treatment, the static roll can get the performance requested on shell and roll neck. The static casting is widely used to produce rolls for roughing mills, section mill, rail and...
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Basic performance of refractories

Introduction:Refractory materials are used in a variety of high-temperature equipment, and it is subjected to physical and chemical erosion and mechanical damage at high temperatures. Therefore, the performance of refractory materials should include: high refractoriness, high temperature stru...
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