“LMM B-Counter“ bar counting and steel-splitting/separation system

LMM B-Counter“ bar counting and steel-splitting/separation system

The system is transformed by the means of combining the steel-splitting segment in
“LMM B-COUNTER“ automatic steel-splitting system and existing machines in relevant
production line.
All systems consist of master control cabinet, composite special lights, special camera
platform and machine separation device. After finishing project, the system has the
following functions: video signal capture, video image information processing, target
tracking and counting, determination of steel-splitting position, mechanical
steel-splitting, etc.
System function:
1. Input subsystem belongs to image capture recognition module, consisting of IPC,
composite LED special light and auxiliary capture system.
2. Processing subsystem includes bar recognition module, recognition results fusion
module, bar tracking and counting, steel-splitting position recognition module, automatic error
3. Output control subsystem includes chain bed control module, steel-splitting fuzzy control module, result display
module and mechanical implementation module.
AURe-bar Counting & Separating System
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Technical Parameter:
1. “LMM B- COUNTE R“ bar counting and separating system can effectively subtract manual works, which is the
only national automatic counting and steel-splitting system used online with application performance. The
system has applied national patent for invention. The patent number is 201210002751.8. The system software
has registered software copyright with the number of 2011SR096660.
2. With unique technologies in multi-target tracking, fault tolerance and multilevel tracking, the system can
effectively and inevitably prevent wrong recognition and leaking recognition. The system is excellent in
anti-shaking performance (as for small-specification bars), fast in counting speed and saving in time.
3. It can count and split steels visually. When the rated number is full, it can automatically stop chain bed. The
definite steel-splitting position will be given through overlapping real-time video and computer image. The
workers can split steel in correct position according to the guidance in steel-splitting position. It can observe the
steel-splitting process and judge the rights and wrongs in steel-splitting operation. The system can achieve
automatic steel-separating .
4. Automatic steel-splitting software system and mechanical device under high-precision servo control has been
operating for 36 months without faults. The steel-splitting precision and recognition rate are high.nd recognition rate are high.