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Introduction of copper mould tubes for continuous casting machine

Introduction of copper mould tubes for continuous casting machine:

The copper mould tube is an accessory for a cast steel continuous casting machine, which is caused by direct casting of molten steel in a copper mould tube. The copper mould tube for continuous casting is one of the core equipment of the continuous casting machine, which is directly related to the quality of the continuous casting billet.


The core component of the high-efficiency crystallizer device is the copper mould tube. Its quality and performance determine the service life of the crystallizer. The high quality copper mould tube adopts the continuous taper crystal form, which greatly improves the heat transfer efficiency of the copper tube. Compared with the crystallizer, it can effectively make the heat transfer of the green shell in the copper tube and the thickness of the shell more uniform. The internal quality of the billet is ensured and the occurrence of steel leakage is effectively controlled.


The cooling of the copper mould tube adopts the narrow water seam cooling form to optimize the cooling effect. The cooling water jacket is formed by stainless steel molding and multi-type die stamping to ensure the gap between the inner water jacket and the copper pipe; the crystallizer The outer casing is made of ordinary carbon steel plate, and the production process is completed by welding, annealing and mechanical processing to ensure the machining precision.


In addition, the vibration of the copper mould tube is realized by the rotation of the eccentric mechanism driven by the motor, so that the output current and the bus voltage exhibit periodic oscillation, and the bus voltage over-voltage fault may occur when the vibration frequency is high, by allowing the inverter to The busbar adjustment function enables the inverter to automatically adjust the output frequency based on the DC bus voltage. When the bus voltage rises instantaneously, the inverter will increase the output frequency appropriately to reduce the regenerative energy that causes the bus voltage to rise. This reduces the frequency conversion. The possibility of overvoltage faults.

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