India composite roll after-sales guidance

India BK steel mill, located in Kolkata, India’s third largest city, with an annual output of 300,000 tons, three steel rolling production lines. For the third line( rolling 16/20mm rebar), it was first time to use composite roll.


2018.09.25 we visited BK Steel Plant for the first time, and signed the on-site cooling system transformation agreement and the composite roll contract. The customer rebuilt the cooling system, and we arranged manufacture to ensure that the customer used the composite roll in the shortest time.

Implementing the principle of one-to-one correspondence

According to the customer’s production and transformation progress, finally the composite roll was arranged to be used at 16th Aug-18th Aug. At 6 o’clock in the morning, the train went to Jamshedpur and arrived at noon. Firstly, we went to the office to and confirmed the task today, then check the roll condition at site.

The customer’s new cooling water system was specially used for composite rolls. It could be seen that the customer had made great efforts for LMM Roll. The water pressure was 6 bar, the water temperature was 31℃, and the flow rate was 47.81 m3/h which was adjustable.

Be a pioneer with a spirit of challenge

There were some problems in the process of cooling water pipe installation, after several rounds of negotiation with lechler staff, lastly reached the final agreement, which basically met the requirements of the water pipe spray direction and installation position. Only through the actual installation experiment, we can judge which is best and which part need to be improved. Firmly believe all people involved this program had a big development in this area.

The leaders of the steel plant attached great importance on this program and held the local formal ceremony before rolling mill started, and prayed the best wishes, it was a great honor for us to witness this moment together.

Do your best for your partner

With our efforts, the first piece 20mm rebar was rolled out at 10 o’clock in the evening. When the staff took the first rebar to us, our mood was very exciting.Everything was in good condition. “Made in china” successfully served customer in India, saved costs and improved quality.

Hope that our product could continue to create benefits for our customers and contribute to the construction of local people in India. At the same time, we took another step forward for the aim of “LMM Product,Global Choice”

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