graphite electrode where to buy| LMM GROUP manufacturers

Its major product are UHP graphite electrodes ranging from ф 300mm up toф 700mm. High quality needle cokes are used to make UHP graphite electrodes through special process. The products are mainly used in steelmaking electric arc furnaces and ladle furnaces with low consumption, good electric conductivity. anti-oxidation and high flexible strength. Their physical and chemical data as well as products quality have reached domestic and international leading level. This company has already had a30,000-ton productive capacity.

The company has also developed new high tech products – graphite sleeves for rollers, which are suitable for roller sleeve in heal-treatment furnace of cold rolled silicon steel as well as continuous annealer of stainless steel plates. The quality has reached international level of like product.

It also owns all the necessary production equipment of the domestic leading level, such as 3,500- -ton electrode extruder, medium and fine crushing and raw material mixing system, 32 chamber annular baking furnace, high-pressure impregnating unit, annular rebaking furnace and large DC graphitization unit. The digitalized comb-knife and the nipple processing machine, as well as the largest and most advanced L WG furnace in the country, are among the leading in the industry.

This company pays close attention to quality control and has passed the ISO9001standard. The products passed the authentication of new high tech products in Jiangsu province and won Jinniu award, honoring the excellent new products. At present this company is taking charge in two projects for China Torch Program as well as the state Key New product.

The good quality products made in this company have been widely used in a number of domestic large- scale steelworks such as Bao Steel and An Steel, and have been exported to the US, Europe. Japan, Korea, Taiwan and many other countries and regions.

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