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Earthing Rod for sale near me

The company mainly engaged in the development of grounding system(Copper clad steel grounding rod ), production, sales, lighting protection and other business

Now , there are customers in Europe ,Africa ,Asia, Australia, South America ,who use  LMM product .Meanwhile LMM supply the material to State grid (StateGrid Corporation of China) ,Petro China (PetroChina Company Limited) , Power China(Power Construction Corporation Limited of China) ,CRCC(China Railway ConstructionCorporation Limited )KPLC (Jordanian Electric Power Co., Ltd.),JPECO(Jordanian ElectricPower Co.,Ltd. ) and other famous customers.

Our grounding rod and exothermic welding kit were used in filed of Power ,Construction,Petro,Energy ,Telecom ,Railway widely . Our design and service team always assist ourcustomer to finish their good project in world market. LMM pass the approval ofISO9001-2008,CE, BV already ,we would like to cooperate with global customers andmake the good lightning protection project .

By far the largest and most important component of any structural lightning protection orearthing system is the actual conductor.

Selection of the correct conductor type for the installation is highly important, and is likely to be the initialconsideration of a lightning protection or earthing system designer.

A comprehensive range of  LMM  copper and aluminium conductors are available in each of the main world standardformats, i.e. flat tape, solid circular and stranded. Additionally each format is available in a variety of conductor sizes,to meet differing lightning protection and earthing requirements.

Specification will depend on whether the application is for an above ground structural lightning protection system, ora below ground earthing installation.


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