Do the right thing-LMM Bar-counter system second time after sale service in Turkey

Efforts no less than anyone else’s
We met a problem for LMM bar-counter system in Turkey project. It is first time occur after sale hundreds sets of machine. LMM pay great attention to this. 

Our technical team work over one month for testing and commissioning in China steel plant site.

Essence of work-Customer’s factory site for second time after-sales service

Even the problem has been solved during test process in China. We still want to avoid any risky for our customer. LMM technical team went to site for guidance and show our attitude. Thanks for client’s trust and support. After hard work and long time normal production following observation, the problem was solved completely. During this time, we asked client’s electrical and automatic engineer to accompany us. We trained them about machine’s work principle, maintenance, adjustment method and problem solution way.

Joy and achievability after solved problem

We met many troubles and difficulties during test and adjustment process. After we overcame these difficulties, the joy and achievability were full our heart. Especially after worker share their happiness and gratitude with us. They don’t need to count hundreds degree centigrade steel bar by hand in summer. Also never need to count bundle and bundle rebar on whole night.

Beautiful color vision for the future

We solved a new problem, machine is better and better now.

Our technical experience was increased, more confidence to solve any problem.

Client was satisfied to our machine and service, another order will be placed soon. Also more orders will be got due to good performance.

Increases the speed and precision rate of steel bar counting. 

Reduces the labor intensity.

Improves the production efficiency greatly, and brings significant economic and social benefits to the enterprise.

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