common lightning rod

lightning protection needle ,used for protecting the building when raining and lightning

SLE lighting rod LMM

Product Brief Description:
Lightning rod ,alternate named lightning protection needle ,used forprotecting the building when raining and lightning .
The lightning rod installed on the building and transfer the electric to earthing metal to protect the building . Our SLE lightning rod comply with GB standardCustomized lightning rod available

Under the same height,protection area is bigger than common lightning
protection scope.
Have a significant role in triggering lightning, ground lightning moreaccurate. More efficient than common lightning rod.
No radioactivity and anticorrosion,strong ability to resist the wind.
Easy to install with small volume and weight. No need coaxial shield cable.

Suitable Scope:
The lightning rod is used for lightning system of Petrochemical warehouse , radio station ,gasoline station, building , beacon station, communication station ,Military base ,radar room , bank building ect .

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