Ceramic wear resistant castable for slag sluice way and granulating tower

The slag sluiceway and the granulation tower is essential process device for blast furnace slag treatment, but the harsh working conditions cause several forms of failure. acid or alkaline solution corrosion, high speed water flow with particles abrasion;explosion because of unseparated liquid iron; high frequency thermal shock. Under the combined action of these four destructive mechanisms, the service life of the conventional wear-resistant layer materials can only reach a short of one or two years life, which is far from the user’s requirements. Therefore, our company has set up the special wear-resistant castable for the slag sluice way and granulation tower. The main features of this. product have high strength and abrasion resistance, erosion resistance, good acid and alkali resistance, excellent thermal shock resistance. And because of organic binder, it is anti-aging and good ‘weal her resistant, and environmental friendly, the perfect characteristic is effectively adapled to the granulation process conditions, can be used in inner lining of slag sluice way of BF, EAF and Submerged Arc Furnace, wear layer of granulation tower.

Solution for antiabrasive layer of slag suiceway and granulation tower of BF

Installation Technology :

  • According to the field application environment, we supply choose four forms of products: prefabrication, coating, smearing and shotcrete.
  • If the time schedule is short you can use the form of prefabricated block to install, The prefabricated wear-resistant ceramic block can be installed directly in the site, short duration and fast installation,
  • Site casting and pumping cast sluiceway tor new slag sluiceway or granulation tower is recommended I It brings better monolithic structure.

Technical and Economic Advantages :

  • Hardness higher than steel, good abrasion resistance, service life can reach more than. 5 years, is two times more than the traditional cast iron trough
  • Process is lexible, can be used with pretabrication, casting, smearing and spraying form to install according to the needs,and adapt to the environment also,
  • Good weather resistance corrosion damage, there is no electrochemical corrosion, there is no defects of easy to aginq usinq the organic adhesive,
  • Using nano powder with high strength, safety and environmental friendship.
  • High performance, low cost.

Application Field :

it can be used for slag sluice way of various BF, Submerged Arc Furnace and the abrasion resistant working layers of granulation towers, and can be cast in a large scale and can be used lor lócal modification.

Installation Case :