Carbon-free pre-cast shapes

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Pre-cast shapes for working lining (patent: 02117370.21)

This series of products are. rnade from high purity corundurn, magnesium aluminate spinel and fused MgO as main aggregates. superfine powder bonding technology and appropriate additives. Those products are pre-casted into desired shapes and featured with high strength, better corrosion and abrasion resistance and thermal shock resistance. The products are mainly used for bottom and sidewall lining of.large- and medium-size ladies together with MgO-C brick for slag zone especially low and ultra-low carbon steel production.

The products hạve been used in lạrge- and medium-size ladles such as 30mt ladle at BaoSteel, 300mt ladle at Jingtang Steel, 300mt ladle at Hanbao Steel and 210mt ladle at Qianan Steel with outstanding performance.